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On Parade Limited Edition Print

On Parade Limited Edition Print


From Sea To Sea was created by Carleen Ross:
A creative art series representing the RCMP.
Released for Canada’s 150 celebration.

13" H X 19" W
On Parade, is to represent the members life when they are there standing together in unity, in
celebration. Where they get to represent the RCMP by being one of Canada’s national figures.
They do this to show respect to all those that have been there before, to show the strength we
have as a nation, to help celebrate our freedom in this country.
I have been to Sweden and Spain with my husband seeing him play hockey in the world police
and fire games, as a RCMP member. Our team would pack their red serges for the opening
ceremony parades. On their way to the opening ceremonies it was amazing to see how the
people would stop and look at our members in red. The streets would be busy and then the
parade of mounties would be heading to the opening ceremonies. First it would be one person
that would notice them, then the street would be full of people who would all turn and stare.
People would then come running out to the street from the homes and shops and all you would
hear from the crowd “Canada”. Soon after that cameras were out and people would be taking
photos of our loved ones; Canada’s Mounties, a symbol of our great country.
One particular memory was watching our team members marching into the opening
ceremonies in Barcelona, Spain. The stadium was filled with tens of thousands of spectators and
the crowd erupted in a deafening roar when the Canadian athletes marched in led by the RCMP
in red serge. In these types of events both in Canada and abroad, I have never been more proud
to be Canadian or apart of this group.
Being on parade is also about being part of something bigger than oneself. Being part of a team,
working and moving in unison. It’s about precision, strength, camaraderie, team work, and this
exemplifies the RCMP.
To see more of Carleen’s work please visit:
Facebook: @CarleenRossArtwork Twitter and Instagram: @ross_carleen

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